The Transformative Power of a Rural Arts Festival: a case study

The biennial Kalari-Lachlan River Arts Festival founded in Forbes, NSW, in 2010/11, has both intrinsic and instrumental value for the communities it serves, and has catalysed major cultural and social changes in the town. With culture and the creative industries having at last been acknowledged as drivers and enablers of sustainable development, this and other rural arts festivals offer valuable opportunities for collaboration between professionals working in rural and regional development fields and in the creative industries. The potential of rural festivals to enable and drive sustainable development cannot by fully realised, however, until serious capacity deficits are addressed to support the creative industries in small communities, as outlined in the UN’s 2013 Resolution 68/223. Continue reading


From the UK Midlands to Central NSW

A long journey from Derbyshire’s damp green hills and dales to the wide brown plains of inland New South Wales; from Wirksworth’s Arts Festival to our own Kalari-Lachlan River Arts Festival back home in the small country town of Forbes. Continue reading

Transforming a country town with art

It was true. Arts makers and arts lovers really did take over Wirksworth on the first weekend of this town’s rural arts festival in September 2013. Shop windows filled with contemporary arts and craftsworks, even the local fish and chip shop; the churches too. Dozens of locals offered their houses, gardens and sheds as galleries and willingly allowed artists to fill their walls, shelves and floor spaces with foreign objects, and let complete strangers to wander through their inner sanctums. Continue reading